Tranquiliti Hemp Oil is produced from Australian Hemp plants selectively bred for a High CBD and Low THC Strain.

Our hemp plants are grown on virgin land on coastal New South Wales as nature intended with no genetic modification.

We are an all Australian-owned, family business and our plants are grown with love and care on a small scale without the use of pesticides or toxic chemicals. Supply this year will be limited to Australian customers only due to high demand.

Our oils provide all the benefits of the CBD while also providing the additional benefits from the terpinoids and flavinoids.

Plants are tested through 3rd party labs for potency.

Our plants contain 0.1 % THC.

Our farm also produces honey.

Here is a photo and a video of bees collecting pollen from a male hemp plant as they to know the benefits of our plants. They bring the pollen back to the hives to produce our unique honey.

Enjoy the benefits of pure raw natural honey and health benefits provided by nature.


For legal reasons we do not make any therapeutic claims to treat or cure any disease as the product has not been evaluated by the TGA.


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